Curated bespoke tours providing you with a sustainable gateway to the arctic.

We want to provide people the opportunity to experience the arctic its in full glory, without making a mess.

Our eco-system is as delicate as it is beautiful, we curate tours that are nicer to the environment and we plant a tree for every tour booked and without all the bullshit. Why should you the consumer, pay more for the exploits of companies, also there is no middle man agency with “operational costs”.

We’ll plant a tree using our own hands. Stay tuned for this fun project we will share with you guys on social media and our newsletter.

Why Should You Choose Us

Accurate Information

We tell it like it is, our tours and information is made for people who want to travel.

Curated tours

Ever been stuck in a bus with a crowd after paying a fortune and get severely underwhelmed, not with us.

We care

We love spending time outdoors. We respect the environment because we are a part of it.

Customer Service

Traveling is important to us, its opened our eyes to the world with its different cultures and landscapes and we hope we can assist you to getting a new perspective to.

Why Loki?

Iceland’s real cultural heritage lies in the stories we wrote, the history of pilgrimages, Vikings, Kings, love, war and Gods. Its who we are and where we come from and we want to honor that by adding a little bit of history and mythology for the travelers who come here.

Photo by Darrell Gough
Photo by Darrell Gough

Our customers should have fun.

“He hath need of his wits who wanders wide,
aught simple will serve at home;
but a gazing-stock is the fool who sits
mid the wise, and nothing knows.” – Odin

We drew and mapped this whole thing up just as we would like to have it as avid travelers ourselves, a fun streamlined process with good customer service and hopefully long lasting relationships with clients. We’ll make it fun and we’ll fight for you of needed and we’ll try our best to go the extra mile.

Who are we?

Ingi Thor Gudmundsson


Birkir F.E Einarsson

General Manager

Our Regions

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