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    Self Drive Tours

    Feel free to talk to our chatbot which will guide you through our bespoke self drive tours or go straight to already made tours here: Self Drive Tours

    Fancy yourself a lone wolf of the road? Then, Loki Travel’s self-drive tours are just the ticket for your next Icelandic adventure. Now, before you ask, no, we don’t offer Viking longships, but we do have a fleet of shiny, modern vehicles ready to take you across the land of fire and ice.

    Our self-drive tours are as flexible as a gymnast and as customizable as your morning latté or those weird, iced coffee drinks some of you drink. Want to chase waterfalls in the South? Easy-peasy. Yearn to explore the lunar landscapes of the Highlands? Bring it on. Dream of soaking in geothermal pools in the Westfjords? We’ve got you covered. With our self-drive tours, you’re the boss, the captain, the master of your journey. Or as we say in Iceland, you’re the “höfuðbók” (that’s ‘main ledger’ for you non-Icelandic speakers, but hey, it sounds cool).

    But don’t worry, we won’t just toss you the keys and wave your goodbyes. Our local experts have crafted detailed itineraries to guide you, considering the season, the must-see spots, and the hidden gems. You’ll also receive a comprehensive map – not that we don’t trust your sense of direction, but let’s just say the Icelandic Road signs can be as tricky as our language.

    Plus, we’ve got your support available, so if you find yourself lost in a fjord or debating the correct pronunciation of Eyjafjallajökull, we’re just a call away. So why not swap the tour bus for your own four wheels and set off on an unforgettable self-drive tour in Iceland?

    Take the wheel and steer your way to adventure with Loki Travel’s self-drive tours. Experience Iceland at your pace, with your itinerary, and with your rules. Contact us now, and let’s hit the Icelandic roads together.

    As your Destination Management Company, we’ve honed the art of competitive pricing, whether it’s B2B or B2C.

    Guided Tours Our professional guides, aka travel gurus, are all set to lead you through complete tours, including accommodation and itineraries tailored to tickle your fancy.

    Self Drive Tours Offer your clients the gift of freedom and flexibility. We’ll handle the car rental, lodging, activities, and travel plans, all under a white label.

    Tailor Made Have unique requests? We can whip up a personalized quote in a day or two. Whether it’s exclusive excursions, luxury lodgings, or extended stays, our local experts are at your beck and call.

    Why Loki Travel?

    He knows alone
    who has wandered wide,
    and far has fared on the way,
    what manner of mind
    a man doth own
    who is wise of head and heart.

    Experience, professionalism and customer service is our aim. We bring quality to the arctic in a sustainable way.

    Photo by Arkadiusz Kantor:
    Photo by Arkadiusz Kantor:

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