No Man is an Island, not even on our 3 islands.

Let local professionals help you.

Group Travel in Iceland: More the Merrier

Travel isn’t just about ticking off destinations from a bucket list; it’s about the people you share those moments with. At Loki Travel, we’ve made it our mission to help more people discover the awe-inspiring beauty of Iceland’s untouched wilderness.

And we know a thing or two about group travel. We offer incredible benefits tailored to groups of all sizes, with an expert team at your disposal, dedicated to creating unforgettable journeys under the Arctic Circle.

With services covering everything from rental cars and accommodation to tours and activities, we take care of the legwork, so you can focus on making memories. Reach out to us, and let’s start planning your next great adventure in Iceland.

Why Loki Travel?

Young and alone on a long road,
Once I lost my way:
Rich I felt when I found another;
Man rejoices in man,

Experience, professionalism and customer service is our aim. We bring quality to the arctic in a sustainable way.

Photo by Arkadiusz Kantor:
Photo by Arkadiusz Kantor:

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