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A Slice of Opulence Luxury travel with Loki is about seeing Iceland exactly as you fancy—on an all-inclusive private odyssey where every detail is premeditated, and nothing is beyond reach. VIPs expect the crème de la crème of holiday experiences, be it exclusive attractions sans the crowds, or their pick of accommodations, tours, or vehicles.

This is the realm of travelers who know their taste, know their desires, and won’t settle for less. Whatever extravagance you crave, Loki Travel is on a mission to make your fantasies tangible. With fully adjustable tours and round-the-clock access to your personal travel concierge, crafting your ideal Icelandic escapade has never been simpler.

Our catalogue is the most extensive in the country, encompassing five-star resorts, boutique and spa hotels, breathtaking lodges, and the most luxurious modes of transport. This allows us to concoct unrivaled itineraries that sample only the finest Iceland has to offer, including captivating natural attractions, gourmet restaurants, and cushy transportation to and from your accommodation.

Loki Travel is committed to delivering tours of unmatched quality, offering private groups the chance to undertake the country’s most exhilarating activities under the supervision of experienced and certified guides.

Why Loki Travel?

He knows alone
who has wandered wide,
and far has fared on the way,
what manner of mind
a man doth own
who is wise of head and heart.

Experience, professionalism and customer service is our aim. We bring quality to the arctic in a sustainable way.

Photo by Arkadiusz Kantor:
Photo by Arkadiusz Kantor:

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