Tuesday – Tour to Vestmanna, Kvívík, Gásadal, and Sandavág

Vestmanna, Kvívík, Gásadal and Sandavág


On this tour we'll visit Vestmanna and go sailing to see the bird cliffs. When we arrive back at the harbor we stop for food and then contine on to Kvívík. Kvívík is nestled in a valley on Streymoy island. This village has historic route dating back to the Vikings.

You will find Viking excavations next to the seaside. Vikings lived in the village as the first settlers in Kvívík. With its historic importance and wonderful location, this quiet settlement is a popular pit stop on a road trip in the archipelago. Gásadalur is a remote village on Vágar island. Until recently it could only be accessed by hiking on foot over the mountains. Now the village is easily accessible through a driving tunnel. A favourite among visitors to the Faroe Islands.

Home to the picturesque waterfall Múlafossur, Gásadalur has a cafe and guesthouse, serving locally sourced lunch, cakes and coffee. Gásadalur translates directly to “the Goose Valley”.

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