Wildlife and Arctic Foxes

Introduce yourself to the flora and fauna of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve


Hornstrandir is a magical place and we never get tired of telling people about its charm. To get the chance to take our guests there is a feeling that is hard to explain. One of Hornstrandir’s delights is the charming, elusive Arctic Fox. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is one of the few places in the world where the fox can raise its young without fear of being prey to hunters. This makes the foxes friendly towards humans, so they are easier to spot and get close to. For years, an Arctic Fox family has had their den near our farmhouse in Kvíar and that makes it a great place from which to venture out for a good look at a mother with her cubs. They are quite playful and curious in the summer, so you can get some great photos, if that’s what you’re into. The only way to explore Hornstrandir is to travel by boat, the journey to Kvíar is a great way to experience the isolation of this place and its impressive landscape. When in Kvíar, we get the chance to hike in pristine nature, observe the Arctic Foxes and enjoy delicious home cooked dinner in our beautiful restored farmhouse that was originally built in 1921.

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